RTGS Liquidity Manager

Acumen E-Watch filtering offers a robust solution to help organizations ensure compliance with the evolving AML requirements. Its highly sophisticated matching engine ensures rapid identification of potential risks and a very few false positives, saving your compliance team substantial time and money. Acumen E-Watch filtering acts as the central monitoring point for all your financial traffic, irrespective of transactions from different data sources. The data connection gateways are specifically designed to capture data from a particular application or a particular format. The data captured by these Gateways are then processed by the Acumen E-Watch server and are checked against the loaded sanctions, politically exposed persons or black lists depending on the rules specified within the rule based engine. After the execution of these rules, the detections can be logged or generate alerts that are sent to the central alert management interface.

arrow  Delivers a cost effective, easy-to-use solution for any size institution.
arrow  Supports a fast implementation.
arrow  Supports regulatory requirements through an automated solution that improves accuracy and      productivity.
arrow  Detects possible suspicious or high-risk entities consistently and accurately.
arrow  Provides real-time, intraday or batch interfaces to all at-risk business systems within your      application architecture
arrow  Maximizes search accuracy using customizable rule based engine.