Auto UMAC application (Acumen Pro-Connect) appends UMAC to all NEFT outward transactions. It removes manual authorization process at SFMS server making the entire process automated without any manual intervention. In NG-RTGS, all R series transactions need to be digitally signed on block 4 before arriving in MI(Member Interface). Only digitally signed messages on block 4 will be converted to new ISO2022 message format. Our Acumen Pro-Connect application handles both NEFT as well as RTGS message formats, by using a single application you can integrate both NEFT as well as RTGS for STP.

     Existing Setup

  • All the NEFT/NG-RTGS messages created by CBS are routed to Respective queue (SFMS.INCOMING)
  • All the messages then manually authorized as UMAC is not appended from with the message.

     Proposed solution using Acumen ISO Crypto Gateway:

     Acumen ISO Crypto Support Physical file as well as E-Token.

     CBS-NEFT/NG-RTGS Interface - STP
  • CBS will route all NEFT/RTGS transactions to a new Respective Queue.
  • ISO Crypto Gateway will receive all the messages from new CBS MQ Queues
  • Testimony of transaction records are maintained in respective log files
  • Append digital Certificate (UMAC) from Token and route the message to NEFT/RTGS Queue.
  • Configurable threshold amount check can be provided to route message as per pre-defined threshold rule for STP.
  • Transactions above defined threshold amount limit will be routed for manual authorization and transaction amount below threshold limit will be routed on STP mode.